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Degaldoruwa Murals

The Dumbara Province is partitioned into two primary parts, the Uda Dumbara and the Lower Dumbara. Rajamaha Viharaya became known as Degaldoruwa Rajamaha Viharaya all through Sri Lanka. 

It is said that King Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe (1747 – 82 AD) who administered in Senkadagala in the eighteenth century constructed this Rajamaha Viharaya. 1782 – 98) .The set of experiences expresses that after the finishing of crafted by the lord’s sanctuary, the sanctuary was given over to his educator Ven. Morathota Dhammakkanda Thero. 

The frescoes of the Degaldoruwa sanctuary are credited to a few specialists of the Kandyan time frame. The boss among them was Devendra Mulawari. 

The canvases immediately entryway are as per the ‘Kandyan fresco custom’. Four fundamental Jataka stories have been utilized to make these works of art. The canvases portraying the fallen robes, elephants, ponies, chariots and infantry are a great creation. The canvases portraying the Mahaseela Jataka are harmed. As indicated by the thought, the work of art of Mara is a magnum opus of the conventional canvas custom. 

Degaldoruwa canvases have creative worth as well as recorded worth in these artworks.

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