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Pussellawa is a town situated in the Kandy District. As indicated by legends, the rulers of the Gampola Kingdom utilized this region around Pussellawa and Kotmale to stow away from the foe. Afterward, this difficult to reach region was changed into a world-popular tea ranch. Pussellawa town is situated on the Nuwara Eliya street, 16 km from Gampola town in the heartland. 

This land region is around 2,800 feet high and because of this geography the city of Pussellawa acquires a cool environment and is covered in haze in the evening. Pussellawa Holiday Resort was once a notable vacationer location en route to Nuwara Eliya along the troublesome mountain street that goes through Ramboda. There are many streams around the city that draw according to vacationers. There is a notable inn in Pussellawa and around 12 lodgings have been set up in different urban areas around the city. 

Peacock Hill, Pussallawa. Peacock Hill, Pussallawa.

Vacation destinations

  • Delta Falls – Height: 197 feet (60 m), marginally more limited than 60 m. Found 6 km from Pussellawa adjoining the principle street. It begins from a feeder of the Kotmale Oya and falls more than 6 stories lastly joins a lake encompassed by rocks. 

  • Gardi Falls – Height: 328 feet (100 m), 100 m 

  • Helleboda Falls – Height: 10 m, 33 ft (10 m). A little cascade situated around 9 km from Pussellawa on the Gampola-Kandy principle street. Beginning from the rugged backwoods region and coursing through the rough levels, this stream conveys an adequate measure of water even in dry climate. This is extremely famous among sightseers. 

  • Pundalu Oya Falls – Height: 328 ft (m), Beautiful cascade with 3 segments. In the main segment, the Halena stream streams over a rough level and afterward moves through the land. This cascade is situated around 2 km east of Pundalu Oya headed for Denzit Estate. 

Peacock Hill, Pussallawa. Peacock Hill, Pussallawa.

Pussellawa related tea estates

Melfort Estate This region was cleared without precedent for 1986 to begin espresso development in Sri Lanka. The Melfort Estate is situated in the lower corner of the Pussellawa Valley, nearby the Nuwara Eliya Road. 

Helboda Estate is situated in the town of Pussellawa in the Kandy District, out and about from Kandy to the as of late changed over espresso ranches. The primary bequest was set up by Coffee Colonel Bird neighboring Gampola and later reached out to Pussellawa. The Helboda Estate was taken over by the Independent Lanka Company in mid-1992. 

The 2,000-section of land Rothschild Estate is notable for its fulfillment and proficiency, just as being a point of reference for different domains. Rothschild tea has stayed at an extremely undeniable degree of value all through its quarter century. (History of Ceylon Tea) 

Sogama Estate 

Sankwar Estate 

New Peacock Estate 

Delta Estate is an organization possessed by Pussellawa Estate. 

Peacock Hill, Pussallawa.Peacock Hill, Pussallawa. 

Peacock Hill, Pussallawa. Peacock Hill, Pussallawa.

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