Beira Lake

Beira lake is situated in the city of colombo in sri lanka and its set of experiences returns to the portuguese time frame. It was spread over an enormous region previously and is currently diminished to around 65 hectares. It is said that this tank was worked around the colombo town hall. There are two unmistakable pieces of the beira lake. That is, the little lake and the enormous lake. The two segments are associated by a thin trench on slave street. A large portion of the water in the lake streams into the indian ocean through the galle face. 

A little island can be found in the little lake and the limit stone having a place with the gangarama sanctuary has been fabricated. The gangarama sanctuary is found exceptionally near the bere lake and before it. Nawam mawatha, close to this little lake, is home to the cinnamon grand hotel and nawaloka hospital. Before, this tank was utilized for shipping merchandise utilizing the distribution centers worked around the maha wewa. In any case, the vast majority of these stockrooms are not presently being used and are utilized to move merchandise overland. In that capacity, the tank isn’t utilized for freight transportation today, however has been utilized for quite a long time for rivalries held by the colombo rowers ‘club just as for the yearly paddling rivalry between royal college, colombo and st. Thomas’ college. 

Beira lake is home to cocks, octopuses, reptiles, an assortment of fish animal categories and an assortment of plant animal types. At present this lake is exceptionally dirtied because of ecological contamination. Because of the plentiful amassing of different natural matter external the lake, green growth have been developing for a long time and the repository has been advanced and the water of beira lake is continually green. Because of the anaerobic breath in the repository, the general climate is likewise somewhat rancid. In any case, countless individuals come day by day to encounter the magnificence of bere lake.

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