Buddha statues in our country

අවුකන පිළිමය - Aukana Pilimaya

A few Buddha sculptures have been found in Anuradhapura. At present there are a few sculptures made of limestone having a place with that period which are found in the sculpture related with the Ruwanwali Dagaba and found in Maha Illuppalla and Maligawila. Buddha sculptures in Sri Lanka can be shown in more ways than one. As indicated by the creative elements found in the sculptures, they can be named early Anuradhapura sculptures, post-Anuradhapura sculptures, Polonnaruwa sculptures, Kandy sculptures and current sculptures. 

They can likewise be ordered by the medium where the sculptures are made. Limestone sculptures, stone sculptures, gold-plated or non-metallic sculptures, and lime-block sculptures are different types. 

Limestone sculptures can be found in wealth in the beginning phases of Anuradhapura. Stone Statues In the post-Anuradhapura period, metal sculptures are additionally found in relics. Mortar sculptures might have existed constantly, however we just see those made after the Polonnaruwa time frame. Buddha sculptures in Sri Lanka 

Reaping was done in three principle stances. That is, as sitting sculptures, standing sculptures, and hoth sculptures.

Polonnaruwa Gal Viharaya

Also, there are six primary seals on Buddha sculptures. Samadhi seal (Dhyana seal.), Abhaya seal (addresses stop, go to the way), Dharma Chakra seal (how the Dhamma is lectured.) Seal of culpability (mark of pardoning.), Ground contact seal (that of rout). Also, the Arbitration Seal (bar the awful and pick the great) are the 6 primary seals. The table underneath gives a few insights concerning a portion of the old Buddha sculptures having a place with various times in Sri Lanka.

Buduruwagala sculpture


The Buduruwagala sculpture is set against the background of a huge stone structure in a thick backwoods four miles from Wellawaya. The Buddha, who is 50 feet tall, was brought into the world in AD. It is accepted to have a place with the seventh century. This standing sculpture cut with the Abhaya seal seems to have been raised from stone and finished with mortar. The legs and the lotus seat are made independently. On one or the other side of the Buddha you can see two 40 feet high Bodhisattva sculptures.

Maligawila standing sculpture

අවුකන පිළිමය - Aukana Pilimaya

Advertisement A seventh century stone standing sculpture has been found in the Okkampitiya region in the Moneragala District. This sculpture is marginally taller than the Buduruwagala sculpture. The Maligawila sculpture was brought from somewhere else and raised. This sculpture is 55 feet high. The face is round, not normal for the Aukana sculpture.

Thanthirimale Pilimaya

තන්තිරිමලේ පිළිමය - Thanthirimale Pilimaya

Advertisement A situated sculpture accepted to trace all the way back to the fifth century is cut on a stone in Tantirimale. Behind the top of this sculpture, which distends like a shallow pit in the stone, is a progression of beams. There is likewise a bed to clutch the outside of the seat. The upper piece of the eye is embellished with distending mythical beast heads and side lion sculptures. On one or the other side of the rear of the seat are beguiling hand-painted icons.

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