Atadageya - පොළොන්නරුව අටදාගෙය Ancient Place Temple Travel 

The first Temple of the Tooth in Polonnaruwa

About first Temple of the Tooth Numerous Temples of the Tooth have been underlying Sri Lanka from that point forward to house the Sacred Tooth Relic, known as the apex of the country. The Tooth Relic went to our country during the rule of King Kithsirimevan. From that time onwards structures were raised for the Tooth Relic in Anuradhapura, then, at that point, in Polonnaruwa and afterward in every one of the realms that spread over the realm up to the Kandy time. Of these, the Polonnaruwa time frame was…

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හැටදාගෙය-hatadageya Ancient Place Temple Travel 

Pulathisipuraye Dewana Dalada Madura

About Dewana Dalada Madura The country of polonnaruwa, the second capital of sri lanka, is additionally an exceptionally uncommon spot among the antiquated legacy. Numerous superb manifestations of the polonnaruwa time frame what began in the eleventh year are still left. Has some expertise in royal residences and other important manifestations in polonnaruwa. Second Temple of the Tooth in Polonnaruwa Hatadage was the second temple of the tooth in polonnaruwa. The atadage worked by king vijayaba I was the primary temple of the tooth in the polonnaruwa time frame. It…

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