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Gadaladeniya Raja Maha Viharaya

Gadaladeniya or Saddharmathilaka Vihara, which has a place with the Gampola time frame, was worked by Minister Senadhilankara under the support of Ven.


The design of this sanctuary, which is made of a solitary dark stone, is basically the same as that of South Indian engineering. As indicated by the Gadaladeniya Inscription, the sanctuary was constructed principally by designers, artists and Ganeshwaracharya. Gadaladeniya sanctuary structure can be partitioned into three sections in particular Antaralaya and Garbha Gruhaya. The structure has a level rooftop made of cut dark stone. The establishments are made of dark stone with a dance and surface example. The structure comprises of two dark stone columns on one or the other side, which are square and octagonal fit. At the foundation of the pinnacle is a raised lion, and at the top is a lion. These pinnacles likewise have carvings of Hindu divinities like Nataraja Krishna. Likewise in the pinnacles are made the picture of a man riding on a bull and the picture of a man on a fish. Huge pinnacles and little pinnacles are associated by a stone strip. The carvings on the roundabout areas are likewise creatively planned. 

At the entry of the sanctuary there is a moon light and on the two sides of a little stone flight of stairs there is a column made in the picture of Gajasinghe and on the right side there is a devalaya. It is referenced in the engraving as Utpala Vanna Deva Raja. The nave comprises of a situated Buddha sculpture and four standing sculptures

Buddha sculpture

Made of blocks and concrete, the robes of the situated Buddha sculpture appear as an undulating wave. The substance of the sculpture is round and the eyes are open. The serenity of the old Buddha sculptures isn’t found in these Buddha sculptures. This incorporates the elements of a god sculpture as it was initiated by a South Indian engineer in the production of the sculpture. The winged serpent pandal over the sculpture is likewise a strength. 


The top of the sanctuary is made of level stone chunks. Higher up there is a dagoba with a round nave. The engraving states that there was a Buddha sculpture inside the dagoba. However, at present there is no sculpture of it. Rumors from far and wide suggest that it was kidnapped by the Portuguese. It is additionally obvious from the enduring artworks that the inside of the chaitya was embellished with frescoes. Because of the dampness on the dividers, the mortar strips off and the compositions on it seem to have been annihilated. Yellow, red, white, dark and green are utilized for these artistic creations which are painted by the craftsmanship custom of the Kandyan time frame. 


It is conceivable that the structure called Vijayothpaya before the Gadaladeniya sanctuary was worked simultaneously. Plainly the Gadaladeniya sanctuary has gotten a mix of Buddhist and Hindu design.

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