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Lankathilaka Viharaya

An antiquated sanctuary having a place with the Gampola Kingdom period, the Lankathilaka Temple is situated on a high rough level called Pahangala. 

Lankathilaka, worked by a clergyman named Senadhilankara of King Buwanekabahu IV (1344-1353 AD) who managed Gampola. The stone at the entry is a moonstone without carvings. The external mass of the entryway has an enormous winged serpent pantheon. It is upheld by two lion sculptures, trailed by a yard on one or the other side. This Buddha sculpture is made of blocks and mortar and plated with gold.

Engraving of Lankathilaka Vihara

As per the engraving and copper curios found in the Lankathilaka sanctuary, this sanctuary has seven stories. The entry to the subsequent floor has an excellent mythical serpent pandal. It is said that there were four little stupas and one more stupa in the center. Around then the all out tallness of the structure was 32 cubits. 

There are five sanctuaries on the four sides associated with the sculpture house. They are worked for the divine beings Vibhishana, Upulvan, Kataragama, Saman and Ghana. 

The outside of the structure comprises of rectangular pinnacles and the outside of the dividers are etched with the heads and feet of elephants. 


The sculpture place of Lankathilaka Vihara is beautified by the workmanship custom predominant in the Kandyan time frame. The tones utilized for these paintings are yellow, red, green, white and dark.

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