shiva parwathiStatue 

Parvati Showing the power of Shiva

පාර්වතී ප්‍රතිමාව - paarvathi prathimava

Hindu models likewise assume a significant part in sri lankan bronze figure. Like shiva nataraja, shiva parvati holds a significant spot in sri lankan form. The styles in the parvati form summon unique sri lankan sculptural highlights. Conveying a lotus bloom on the right is viewed as an incredible element of sculptural craftsmanship. The parvati sculpture portrays the force of shiva. Presently saved in the colombo museum the parvati sculpture, made of strong bronze from the eleventh – twelfth hundreds of years, shows effortlessness. Here shiva parvati likewise has a place with the gathering of taurus figures with nandi bulls which is the vehicle of shiva. The sculptural chest area and stance are ineffectively intended to improve the effortlessness of the feet. 

Archeologists accept that sri lankan specialists might have made such bronze sculptures because of unfamiliar made sculptures in the country. Ganguly recognizes that the prevalent hindu bronze sculptures in polonnaruwa are accepted to have been made by south indian and more vulnerable sri lankan experts. The bronze heritage of sri lanka obviously shows that the south indian specialty is crafted by a new individual. Shows.

පාර්වතී ප්‍රතිමාව - paarvathi prathimava

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