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Murals at Gothami Vihara

About Gothami Vihara

Gothami Temple in Borella is one of the most famous sanctuaries in Sri Lanka. The paintings of Gothami Vihara can be considered as significant masterpieces as far as shadings, lines, shapes, completes and style. 

Another kind of craftsmanship can be found in the canvases of the Gothami Temple painted by the advanced craftsman George Keats. These canvases portray the personality of the Buddha. 

Canvases starting with the work of art “Devaradhana”, The Dream of the Great Maya, The Siduhath Crown, Vap Magula, Craftsmanship, Wedding, Four Foreshadowings, Mahabinikmana, Crossing the Neranjana, Meeting the King of Bimsara, Mara War, Damsak Pura, The different phases of the Buddha ‘s character, like development and annihilation, are made on a dry mortar.

බොරැල්ලේ ගෝතමී විහාරය Gothami Viharaya Boralla

Use of lines

බොරැල්ලේ ගෝතමී විහාරය Gothami Viharaya Boralla

A gander at the works of art at the Gothami Vihara shows that this craftsman has controlled the lines to suit the articulation. The external line utilized in his pictures is an intrinsically streaming line. Also, these short lines are frequently utilized in a manner that is fitting to the subject and articulation. The short lines utilized for the hats, hoops, hats, materials and entryway textures utilized in the pictures are additionally outlandish. Broken short lines have additionally been accustomed to draw out the three-dimensional highlights of the artworks. 

It is obvious from the canvases, for example, “Mara Yuddha” and “Pirinivan Paama” that the craftsman was likewise ready to communicate his feelings profoundly. The shading lines and states of the canvas portraying the Battle of Mara at Gothami Vihara are novel. Twisted shapes and straight and bended lines are utilized to portray the severe and perilous style of the crowd.

The use of color

බොරැල්ලේ ගෝතමී විහාරය Gothami Viharaya Boralla

The colors used by artist George Keats for the paintings at Gotham Temple are impressive. The small space in the background of each picture is filled with red. Colors such as dark brown, light dark, and yellow were used for human figures. The clothes are white on the trunks of the trees, and the green ones are scattered among them. The outline of these paintings is painted in black.

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