Solias Mendis

සෝලියස් මෙන්ඩිස් - Soliyas Mendis

Solias Mendis Born on July 12, 1895 in the town of Kahawa, Solius Mendis had seven siblings. Solius Mendis was the second in the family. Since the beginning, he was known for his imaginativeness and his affection for Buddhism. He initially went to Madampe School to get instruction and concentrated up to eighth class and quit examining there. He was intrigued by the town sanctuary and the sanctuary climate. At some point, when a few specialists were painting the sanctuary, Solius Mendis checked out it and became energetic with regards to it. In like manner, he turned to drawing utilizing his own line style. The line likewise showed the inconspicuous three-dimensional highlights of those lines. Each painting is drawn with incredible restriction. Perceiving the specialized ability of Solius Mendis, Mr. D. C. Wijewardena depended him with the undertaking of drawing new canvases at the Kelani Temple. It was after this that the existence of this craftsman was molded. Because of this, craftsman Solius Mendis had the option to join Kelani Yada as perhaps the best craftsman in our nation by adding an important workmanship style. Because of these almost negligible difference drawings, this craftsman got an incredible spot among outsiders too. In any case, the craftsman who accomplished such a great deal administration in painting in Kelaniya was not permitted to paint the divider behind the Samadhi sculpture. It was given over to another expert. Experiencing this, the craftsman never attracted artistic creations until his passing 1975.

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