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Murals at Gothami Vihara

About Gothami Vihara Gothami Temple in Borella is one of the most famous sanctuaries in Sri Lanka. The paintings of Gothami Vihara can be considered as significant masterpieces as far as shadings, lines, shapes, completes and style.  Another kind of craftsmanship can be found in the canvases of the Gothami Temple painted by the advanced craftsman George Keats. These canvases portray the personality of the Buddha.  Canvases starting with the work of art “Devaradhana”, The Dream of the Great Maya, The Siduhath Crown, Vap Magula, Craftsmanship, Wedding, Four Foreshadowings, Mahabinikmana,…

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Degaldoruwa Murals

The Dumbara Province is partitioned into two primary parts, the Uda Dumbara and the Lower Dumbara. Rajamaha Viharaya became known as Degaldoruwa Rajamaha Viharaya all through Sri Lanka.  It is said that King Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe (1747 – 82 AD) who administered in Senkadagala in the eighteenth century constructed this Rajamaha Viharaya. 1782 – 98) .The set of experiences expresses that after the finishing of crafted by the lord’s sanctuary, the sanctuary was given over to his educator Ven. Morathota Dhammakkanda Thero.  The frescoes of the Degaldoruwa sanctuary are credited…

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