There are numerous brilliant manifestations where Sri Lankan specialists have made different carvings regarding spots of love. Among these manifestations, the Wahalkada related with the Chaitya can be distinguished as a one of a kind creation. In spite of the fact that it isn’t clear what the possibility of ​​the door was, obviously the stupas were worked for their embellishment. The four sides of the stupa are decorated with four entryways, and the pandals are intended to look like the doors of the Indian dagobas. The entryway is a block structure and the pandals are made of wood, so they are out of date today. 

Among the passages saw as up until this point, the eastern entry of the Kantaka Chaitya in Mihintale is viewed as the doorway to high workmanship. These entryways on the four sides of the dagoba had a plaque recorded with a couple of Siripa. The plan and format show that the four doors are comparative. The lower bar at the east entry is made of ivory. One of the best two sections shows swan pictures and the other segment shows bantam pictures in different stances. 

Elephants, ponies, cows and lions can be seen on top of every one of the four columns at the entry. There are lions on the north entry, ivory on the eastern entry, two steers on the south and two ponies on the west.

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