Arts and Crafts of the Anuradhapura Period

The Anuradhapura period was one of the main achievements throughout the entire existence of Sri Lanka. The Kingdom of Anuradhapura was the longest authoritative realm in the country. The way of life of the Anuradhapura time frame was additionally evolved from the hour of Ven. History expresses that with the appearance of Mahinda Thera, specialists having a place with the sixteen crafts of the nation likewise came. During this period, particularly the social expressions created dependent on Buddhism. 

Isurumuniya couple

Isurumuniya couple, who mean Saliya Ashokamala and Shiva Parvati, is a novel masterpiece in our country. This plan can be found in one of the stone edges of Isurumuniya Vihara. This cutting is accepted to have a place with the fifth century. Researchers say the couple are motivated by mysterious workmanship. 

Human figure with horse head

Archeologists are as yet battling to assemble sufficient proof prior to arriving at the last decisions about the area of the pony drawn carriage on the stone toward the south of the Isurumuniya Temple. Ananda Coomaraswamy says that it is a sketch of the sage Kapila. Mr. Paranavithana recognizes that the human structure addresses the paragon (cloud) and the pony’s head addresses fire (power). Archeologists are as yet battling to assemble sufficient proof prior to arriving at the last decisions about the date. 

Elephants in the Lotus Pond

There are two stone wedding lakes in the fields toward the west of the Isurumuni sanctuary and toward the north of the Tissa Lake. Elephants cut over the water level of the Lotus Pond dive into the Lotus Lake and mirror the idea of the water elephants. 

Moon light

The semi-round papyrus made at the foot of the means of the sanctuaries is known as the moon light. In the focal point of the moon light is a crescent lotus petal design, encircled by half circle stripes of creature plants and parchments. 

Around the Padma Circle, a swan lord’s plant stretches to one side, trailed by a parade of green blossoms and afterward a creature parade. The moon light of the Anuradhapura time frame was made as a solitary section parade of creatures like lions, elephants, ponies and cows. 

Kuttam Pond

Kuttam Pond is an assortment of two lakes. The biggest lake is 132 feet in length and 51 feet wide. Underground water pipes were introduced to draw water from these lakes. This lake was worked to assist the priests in the Maha Vihara.

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